Religious Studies

Athabasca University’s Religious Studies Program is a secular, academic, and multi-disciplinary program whose goal is to teach students about the diversity of religious expression in the world’s religious traditions and how these forms of religiosity have been continually shaped by the larger social context in which religious practitioners live.

The Religious Studies Program offers five courses: Introduction to World Religions (RELS 204), Religion and Popular Culture (RELS 218), The Islamic Tradition (RELS 206), Early Christians (RELS 313), and Advanced Studies in the Hebrew Bible (RELS 380) A sixth course, Death and Dying in World Religions (RELS 211) will be open for registration in the late spring/early Summer of 2013.

For more information on the Religious Studies Program at Athabasca University, please contact the program co-ordinator, Dr. Shandip Saha, at

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